Machine learning is a set of effective methodologies to perform useful predictions in many areas, including artificial intelligence.
I strongly believe in sharing knowledge as a key element to spread the collective awareness about innovation: this is the main reason I created this blog.


AI inspiration

I am working on a new book. I’d like to talk about the benefit of machine learning for practical applications useful for many organizations.

Please stay tuned!


Neural networks and speech recognition

Deep-learning ASR convolutional-neural-networks In this post we are going to see an example of CNN (convolutional neural networks) applied to speech recognition application.The goal of our machine learning model based on CNN’s Deep Learning algorithms will be to classify some simple words, starting with numbers from zero to nine. To extract the distinctive features of …

Random forest

In this post we are going to manage a Classification problem, by using some CART models (Classification And Regression Trees). We will use the following Bank Marketing Data Set dataset, provided by the UCI Machine Learning Repository:ref. [Moro et al., 2014] S. Moro, P. Cortez and P. Rita. A Data-Driven Approach to Predict the Success …